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CornerMark Fine Art presented an exhibit of Brewitz Kinetic Sculpture in Oklahoma City. Over 700,000 attended the annual event. Four large outdoor works dazzled the audience with their soft motion and highly polished elements against the background of the park-like setting and cityscape. The Daily Oklahoman interviewed and photographed Brewitz as a feature article by Staff Writer, David Zizzo.

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An Art Movement

works beckon appreciation
By David Zizzo
Staff Writer

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Tom Brewitz of Stillwater, Minn., discusses one of his sculptures Friday with a group of second-graders from Edgemore Elementary School in Oklahoma City. Artists say the great weather during the Arts Festival has made for sunny sales. The festival ends Sunday.

Something catches the eye and the brain follows.

All it takes is a breeze and the dance begins: geometric pendulums of stainless steel rock . . . The creatrions even change as the time of day, with sunset bouncing its own illusions off the figures.

It’s what lures people up the grassy hill from the main part of Oklahoma City’s Festival of the Arts to the “Windsape” display area, where art doesn’t sit still, waiting to be appreciated. “It’s definitely the motion of the pieces that draws them,” said Lisa Voegeli, volunteer co-chair of Windscape.

From kids in strollers drawn by electric colors of cloth figures to adults hypnotized by counter-rotating hoops, everyone seems to connect with this kinetic collection.

“They’re fun to watch and fun to mesmerized by,” Tom Brewitz said. “This is fun sculpture. This is entertainment.”

It’s entertaining to make, too, said Brewitz, who runs a graphic arts and design business in Minnesota “to support my art habit.” His habit involves turning thick pieces of stainless steel into delicately balanced geometric sculpture that rock with the wind.