Other Testimonials and Comments

“The web site and new sculptures look great. Let me know the next time you have a show.”

Daren Marhula, MN – 4/98

“Your kinetic sculpture is quite a consistent body of strong work.”

A.N.E.W. Curatorial Committee, FL, 4/98

“Thanks for the updates on your work. Good luck with your commission!”

Rein Triefeldt, Sculptor, VA, 4/98

“Thanks for keeping me on your updates list – I enjoy checking out the links, and have found some inspiration from some of them. Thanks!”

Jennifer Haunschild MN, 4/98

“Tom….. your art is an excellent example from the modern way to express the new time and how we are living in this era. Kinetic makes me think in the future ….. and shows the perfect equilibrium in the art. Congratulations (Beautiful)”

Gustavo Calvillo, Flora Martinez Bravo Art Gallery, CA 4/98

“You sure have a lot of great information on your site. I always find something great!”

Nadia Giordana Millennium 2001: A TASTE ODYSSEY MN 4/98

“I find your artwork to be very interesting”

J. M. Dimitriotous, President A.N.E.W. Foundation For The Arts FL 4/98

“You answered some questions from me about your kinetic work. I really appreciate your help and you’ll be pleased to know my study is coming together nicely. I’m just writing to thank you for staying in touch with changes to your web pages and new works.”

Ben Mathers , UK 3/98

“In looking for outdoor art I finally found your website, the highlight of the day, great fun to look at your art. I am interested in sculpture in motion.”

Joern Stuehmeier, NJ 3/98

“Thanks a lot for the link!”

Grace, Art Search dot com 3/21/98

“Thanks for listing Artplace on your links page.”

Doug Simpson, Artplace, Inc. TX 3/98

“… ‘Square Circle Dancers’, that’s Great! Congratulations! I wish you much success!”

Philip G. DeLoach, Artists’ Exchange at The Mining Company 3/98

“Looks good. You really have a good technology for these designs. Computer-aided sculpture is changing the industry.”

Richard Collins, sculptor.org, TX – 3/15/98


Your friend, Gustavo Calvillo, CA, US – 3/98

“I like your work a lot and wish you well!”

Chris Jeffries, Fine Arts Guide, The Mining Company – 3/98

“That is really awesome! I am very impressed. I did not know you did outdoor sculptures/kinetics too! Pretty neat! Let me know when it’s (new commission) done.”

Claudia Croft, Driftwood Too! & ShipsStore.com, FL – 3/98

“As always, some great looking new works…hopefully I’ll be
able to appreciate one in real life one day!”

Daren Marhula, MN – 3/14/98

“Great job! I spent some time on your sculpture site and I must say – WOW! I found myself loving the next one more than the last and on and on . . . You are very talented. I would have a hard time picking a favorite but I really like “Circumjacent Diamond.” Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!”

Jenny Nelson, MN – 3/98

“Tom, Congratulations! All the best!”

William Scott Jennings, Fine Art Paintings, AZ – 3/98

“The site looks great!”

Amanda Fouche’, Fouche’s Blacksmithing Art – 3/98

“Tom, I finally figured it out. You are really an alien life from that doesn’t require sleep. Are there more of your kind? You are one busy guy. Thanks for the updates & keep up the good work!”

Melissa May, AmayZ Design, MN – 3/98

“We are very enthusiastic about the opening (of Orbit International), and about your sculptures. We have even studied most of your web images, and have a very rough list of some of the ones we think might suit our concept the best.(They are all quite amazing, though.)”

Randall Owens, Orbit International, TX – 3/98

“I like your website – I think I looked at a large majority of the pages, and even followed a few links. I especially liked how you display your artwork, and the photos of your installed artwork.”

Jennifer Haunschild, WI – 3/98