All of your plastic card printing needs in one location. Our on-site plastic printing facility, coupled with our quality-control processes, ensure the results you expect . . . to help put a lasting shine on your company image!


We print:

Access Cards – programmable
Business Cards – for a lasting impression
Clear Transparent Cards – see through or frosted

Credit/Debit Cards – holograms and more
Discount Cards – great for fundraising
Electronic Gift Cards – compatible with POS
Loyalty Cards – to bring them back
Luggage Tags – personalized
Medical Identification – named and numbered
Membership Cards – customized
Specialty Cards – unique sizes and shapes
VIP / Preferred Cards – embossed or magnetic
Waterproof Cards – cruises, watersports and docks

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For Cruises, Boat Clubs – You name it

Plastic sport cards include, sailboat club cards, swim team id’s and more. We offer waterproof plastic cards for canoe, kayak and boat rental businesses.

With water sports like diver, scuba organizations, buddy tag and plastic badges for rowers and sail boat clubs. From pool rules and beach instructions to key access card for hot tub areas or saunas, plastic cards and tags from Cornermark Plastic Printer’s supplies long lasting products with durability and longevity needed to endure the wear and tear of water sport conditions.

Litho printed cards are also used for business card, hospitality access keys, fan packs, health care identification, gift certificates, customer loyalty promotions even on transparent cards, translucent cards, and clear plastic cards. Using tint screens and gradients for a special effect the clear frosted cards offer a unique appearance and dazzling results. Clear cards have gained popularity due to the various kinds of distinctive characteristic that are incorporated into the design of each plastic card project.