Tom Brewitz, Artist - Sculptor

As an artist, sculptor, writer and designer Tom Brewitz continues to generate a body of work in a carreer that spans 25 years. He creates wind-generated outdoor and hand generated indoor kinetic sculpture with brushed stainless planes that move gracefully, reflect environment and dazzle the eye. The playful Calder-like hanging mobiles Brewitz produces are in constant motion and very colorful.

Indoors, his work creates a sense of interaction and movement between the sculptural elements and the viewer. A soft touch sends the elements on an enchanting dance. At rest, his work stands majestic, counter-poised and aligned.

An orange sky or blue shirt are reflected by the stainless medium as the motion reveals relationships between juxtapose geometric elements. His lively mobiles provide entertainment that is an ever changing drama of color, shape and whimsy.

“I find shape and color contrasts have tensions and harmony that can be brought together to excite the visual senses”, Brewitz says of his sculpture. Motion in his work is often mistook for being motorized or electrically produced. Stimulating color schemes, geometric combinations set to motion and the study of balance are the key to Brewitz’ kinetic work.

Brewitz began as an artist when, as a child he drew from photos and life. As a young man traveling Europe, South America, Africa and numerous islands his interest in art and architecture lead him to appreciate the work of the Italian, French, German and Spanish masters. And, while studying Art History at the University of Minnesota, he rediscover the architects of the world and contemporary masters of sculpture as Picasso, David Smith, Yaacov Agam, George Rickey .

In the 1970’s Brewitz began working with metal and learned to predict how balance and motion can be exploited for maximum visual impact. He developed the balance and brush finish that has given his work a broad appeal during exhibits in the early 1980’s. And, as he developed his mastery of kinetic sculpture, Brewitz also took a career in graphic design. His commercial artist skills leads him to create logos and printed materials including magazines, advertising and promotional material. Today he still enjoys working as a corporate image consultant for

Brewitz contributes to the art scene in South Florida and donates his time to several worthy, charitable organizations including the Wounded Warriors Project, Lakeview Hospice, Good Samaritan Foundation, Salvation Army, Boys & Girl Clubs of Broward County, Wishes & More, MDA and more.

His sculpture has been enjoyed by private collectors, businesses and audiences for over two decades. Brewitz Kinetic Sculpture has emerged in collections in Australia, Europe, and Latin and North America.

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mobile_art --- Tom Brewitz of Stillwater, Min. positions his unique art form in the window of Galery Central Friday, Dec. 7, 2001. DV

The Sentinel-Record/David Vann --- Tom Brewitz of Stillwater, Min. positions his unique art form in the window of Gallery Central Friday, Dec. 7, 2001. DV

The Sentinel

Eleven local people will carry the Olympic Flame today through Hot Springs on its 46-state, 14,000-mile journey from Atlanta to Rice-Eccles Olympic Stadium in Salt Lake City.

Eleven local people will carry the Olympic Flame today through Hot Springs on its 46-state, 14,000-mile journey from Atlanta to Rice-Eccles Olympic Stadium in Salt Lake City.

Beginning at 11 a.m. at Allen Tillery Chevrolet, 4573 Central Ave., the Olympic torch will proceed in 0.2-mile increments north to Hill Wheatley Plaza on Central Avenue in downtown Hot Springs, where the flame will be brought to an on-stage cauldron at noon for a community celebration featuring an array of local performers.

Afterward, the Olympic Torch will be carried down Central to Park Avenue; northeast on Park Avenue; northeast on Gorge Road; south on East Grand Avenue; and east on Malvern Avenue to Lakeside School, where the flame will be transferred to another vehicle to be "fast tracked" out of the city. Crowds are welcome to gather along the route except for the section from Gorge Road to East Grand where the flame will again be "fast tracked" by vehicle.

Artist Tom Brewitz of Stillwater, Minn., installed "Olympiad 2002" in the window at 800 Central Ave., hoping to encourage the torchbearer who will carry the Olympic Flame downtown to Hill Wheatley Plaza and also attract the crowd of supporters at that site.

The sculpture's five rings mirror the interlocking circles of the Olympic rings that have come to symbolize the "five continents."

Brewitz's stainless steel sculpture of rings interact when breezes or humans are near. They bob and turn, wheel and dip and go to and fro.

"It's like watching a campfire," Brewitz said Friday. "People of all ages, children and grandfolks seem to enjoy seeing these and appreciate them even if they don't know what they are supposed to be. The circular designs create a form of entertainment and do a performance."

Brewitz says he hopes "Olympiad 2002" will mesmerize its viewers to come close to the window or inside the gallery as air currents charge its geometric pendulums.

"It's movement is calming, very peaceful and soothing," says gallery owner Bess Sanders.

Brewitz, a Vietnam War veteran, visited the Spa city Friday to install a companion piece, "Circles 321," in the gallery parking lot. The sculpture is designed in single, double and triple circular combinations. It was created to withstand harsh winds, desert heat and southern humidity. Air currents charge the piece's three circular motion elements in playful design combinations to interact with the environment and entertain the viewer.

There are no motors, magnets or magic that prompt his sculptures to begin their dance, but a method of "sophisticated balance." Brewitz has worked to perfect this balancing act during 25 years of experimentation and determination. "I can barely do it even today," he said.

"Everything affects it; gravity for instance and the works are influenced by their environment," he said. "I want my audience to experience pure enjoyment and beauty when they see them. The simplicity of the circles and shapes lend themselves to motion."

He wanted to bring "Olympiad 2002" to Hot Springs, as the Olympic relay will not pass through his home state of Minnesota, nor the Dakotas or Hawaii, he said.

"Only 46 states are involved in it. The Olympics are a huge part of my life through the years and I like to keep track of Americans' progress."

To see Brewitz's mobiles and his works set in motion on his Web site, visit at

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olympiad by Tom Brewitz
olympiad Red and Blue by Tom Brewitz
Tom Brewitz Featured in The Sentinel-Record
Tom Brewitz in the Miami Herald
Tom Brewitz Fine Art in Miami Herald

Tom Brewitz Fine Art in Miami Herald February 2007

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Gustavo Calvillo, Flora Martinez Bravo Art Gallery, CA 4/98

"You sure have a lot of great information on your site. I always find something great!"

Nadia Giordana Millennium 2001: A TASTE ODYSSEY MN 4/98

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Ben Mathers , UK 3/98

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Richard Collins,, TX - 3/15/98


Your friend, Gustavo Calvillo, CA, US - 3/98

"I like your work a lot and wish you well!"

Chris Jeffries, Fine Arts Guide, The Mining Company - 3/98

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Claudia Croft, Driftwood Too! &, FL - 3/98

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able to appreciate one in real life one day!"

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Jenny Nelson, MN - 3/98

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Melissa May, AmayZ Design, MN - 3/98

"We are very enthusiastic about the opening (of Orbit International), and about your sculptures. We have even studied most of your web images, and have a very rough list of some of the ones we think might suit our concept the best.(They are all quite amazing, though.)"

Randall Owens, Orbit International, TX - 3/98

"I like your website - I think I looked at a large majority of the pages, and even followed a few links. I especially liked how you display your artwork, and the photos of your installed artwork."

Jennifer Haunschild, WI - 3/98

CornerMark Fine Art presented an exhibit of Brewitz Kinetic Sculpture in Oklahoma City. Over 700,000 attended the annual event. Four large outdoor works dazzled the audience with their soft motion and highly polished elements against the background of the park-like setting and cityscape. The Daily Oklahoman interviewed and photographed Brewitz as a feature article by Staff Writer, David Zizzo.

Daily Oklahoman

An Art Movement

works beckon appreciation
By David Zizzo
Staff Writer

(caption under photo)

Tom Brewitz of Stillwater, Minn., discusses one of his sculptures Friday with a group of second-graders from Edgemore Elementary School in Oklahoma City. Artists say the great weather during the Arts Festival has made for sunny sales. The festival ends Sunday.

(article) Something catches the eye and the brain follows.

All it takes is a breeze and the dance begins: geometric pendulums of stainless steel rock . . . The creatrions even change as the time of day, with sunset bouncing its own illusions off the figures.

It's what lures people up the grassy hill from the main part of Oklahoma City's Festival of the Arts to the "Windsape" display area, where art doesn't sit still, waiting to be appreciated. "It's definitely the motion of the pieces that draws them," said Lisa Voegeli, volunteer co-chair of Windscape.

From kids in strollers drawn by electric colors of cloth figures to adults hypnotized by counter-rotating hoops, everyone seems to connect with this kinetic collection.

"They're fun to watch and fun to mesmerized by," Tom Brewitz said. "This is fun sculpture. This is entertainment."

It's entertaining to make, too, said Brewitz, who runs a graphic arts and design business in Minnesota "to support my art habit." His habit involves turning thick pieces of stainless steel into delicately balanced geometric sculpture that rock with the wind.