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Scanning & Color Correction in
AdobeĆ PhotoshopĆ

As the leader in imaging software, understanding the the how and why of Photoshop is the key to efficiently and effectively creating and correcting images. Learn the tools to make color and tonal corrections, touch-ups, understand color and image theory, optimize Photoshop and more. 11 modules including: RGB Setup, CMYK Setup, Optimization, High Key Images, Average Key Images, Low Key Images, Tools - RGB and CMYK
One full year of updates Online: $79.95 -

Compositing Images in AdobeĆ PhotoshopĆ
& Extensis MaskPro

Creating masks has never been easier with Adobe Photoshop and Extensis Mask Pro. Learn the power of using the Photoshop selection tool, how to properly feather images, create with layers, how to mask layers, work with channels, other masks and clipping paths. In the same course, you will also understand how to use Extensis Mask Pro's keep and drop palette, set the brush edge and size, threshold and transition, use edge blender and create paths. 8 modules including:Tools - Mask Pro, Keep and Drop Colors, Modes, Using Mask Pro, Selections, Paths, Layers Masks, Tools - Photoshop
One full year of updates Online: $79.95 -
Preparing Web Graphics with AdobeĆ Photoshop on PC.
This training course was designed to help printers learn to batch process customer images for web use. It also provides web savvy designers useful tips and tricks for building or improving their web site images. It also contains sections on using Adobe ImageReady, GifAnimator and Macromedia Flash to create animation. Learn how to use Equilibrium DeBabelizer to batch process print images as well as other image groups. Also covered are optimization, conversion of hi-res print images for the web, determining proper image resolution, compression, and color depth settings for the web. Learn how to reduce file sizes for fast image downloading and viewing.
One full year of updates Online: $79.95 -
What's New in Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Make the most of Adobe Photoshop 7's features. In this course, you will get an update of all the new tools in Photoshop 7. You will review the new options and layout of the layers palette. Use the Autocolor filter to adjust for color casts. Clean and fix damaged images using the healing brush. Apply the powerful new Brush Engine. Tour the new File Browser and Spellchecker. Even make patterns using the PatternMaker.
One full year of updates Online: $79.95 -
Photoshop 6 Basics
Photoshop Basics is an essential course for those moving from traditional to digital prepress and those just getting started using Photoshop. The course guides a user through the basics of the Photoshop while covering the skills required to perform scanning and color correction, use effects and filters, and alter images. It is designed to act as a stepping-stone to other intermediate and advanced level Photoshop courses
One full year of updates Online: $79.95 -
- "I took the Photoshop course, and what a terrific product - it's beautifully structured, delightfully designed, highly informative, a four-star item on my list. It lives up to its promise and delivers full measure. I recommend it highly. It's a rare treat these days to get a product that works 'right out of the gate.' My compliments to your production team, and congratulations on an outstanding product."
-June Curtice, Curtice Advertising & Design, Burlingame, CA

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