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Online University for Adobe Illustrator

File Preparation & Trapping
in Adobe∆ Illustrator∆

Illustrator is the premier program for creating illustrations, logos, cartoons and other line art. Your ability to efficiently trap and prepare files in Illustrator for output is a must. Understand trapping issues with text and images, gradients, knockouts, overprints and more.
One full year of updates Online: $79.95 -
Adobe Illustrator CS

What's New in Adobe Illustrator 9.0
Get up to speed with the latest and greatest in Adobe’s powerful vector graphics program. This course will take you step by step through almost every new feature in Illustrator 9. You will learn how and when to use SVG graphics, add ever-editable, never destructible effects to your artwork, trap and mask in multiple convenient ways. You will also learn all the all the features and options of the new, more powerful Layers Palette. There is so much stuff covered in this course it can’t all be listed here. Click “Modules in This Course” on the previous page to see the 13 training segments and their titles to see exactly what the course covers.
One full year of updates Online: $79.95 -


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