Kinetic Sculpture
Geometric Combination

1993 kinetic sculpture, 'Geometric Combination'.1993 kinetic sculpture, 'Geometric Combination'.

"Geometric Combination"

1993 Stainless Steel
58" x 9' 2" Base 18" x 36"

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This one of a kind kinetic sculpture, 'Geometric Combination' by Tom Brewitz has only as recently as May 10th been made available for sale. It is a wind generated outdoor, stainless steel sculpture that provides continuous motion and entertainment. The sculpture stands 9 foot 2 inches tall, has five motion elements with polished stainless steel geometric shapes, moves in light breezes, moderate gusts and has endured heavy winds and storms. Remarkably, the design matches up with the worst and best of weather conditions. It has been installed in a fairly protected environment, the front courtyard of the artists parents home, for the past eight years. There is a graceful ease with each and every sway of Geometric Combination providing a mesmerizing puzzle-like effect that captivates and enchants viewers.

Installation hardware is included and for a reasonable fee, the artist can personally deliver and install this piece at your business or home. MPG video of the sculpture can be viewed by using this image link below:

Tom Brewitz has been creating kinetic sculpture since the late 1970's, has been featured in 'Who's Who' in Art in America and exhibits at galleries in Southern California, Florida and more.

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