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Compatible conversions. From PC to Mac and back.SM

File translation capabilities include eps, ai, tif, gif, cdr, dxf, wmf, fhd, pcx, bmp, msw, wpd, cwd and many more. We prefer files in Macintosh format but accept PC.

 We gladly accept text files on disk or email. Since the purpose of providing these files is for you to save money by saving us time, please be sure to prepare files with a style and format that we can use easily. Often client disk files require more work to undo formatting than would be required to re-enter the text. To avoid this problem, simply consult the following guidelines.

We can accept most word processing formats, Mac or IBM. If we can't read your file, you can probably save it in another format that we can read, or we can have it converted. Our preferred text formats are QuarkXPress, PageMaker, Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, and ASCII. (.qxd, .mwr, .msw, .doc, .txt)

Extensions must be sent with the email attachment or disk. It can help to also include the collect for output document which contains version, extensions and font usage information.

When creating your own gif's and jpg use 256 colors. We will reduce the number of colors prior to uploading. There are special plug-ins, filters and techniques used in preparing graphics for html that must be in place to create small file sizes with optimum visual effects.

Original Freehand or Corel art must accompany an eps file. At times originals need to be resized, trapped or colors changed. Without original, modification is difficult. This problem does not occur with Adobe Illustrator since same file is used as eps and original and, is our preferred eps format.

Helicopter AnimationDISKS:
We can accept 3.5-inch diskettes, CDs, Iomega Zip and Jaz Disks. Our preferred disks are CD, Zip or Jazz. They are faster, less costly and very durable. Disks can be sent to us for Macintosh or PC (IBM compatible).

capabilities include ai, cdr, tif, gif, eps, pcx, txt, msw,MOCK-UPS:
You can mark this copy with instructions regarding layout and design or even text edits you'd like us to complete. Please mark clearly and legibly. Keep a backup copy of what you're sending us, just in case. Provide a listing of files on the disk, if there are more than a few. Be sure to clarify any file names that may not be readily apparent to us. Delete any unnecessary files from the disk.

Please don't apply unnecessary formatting to your document unless using Quark or PageMaker. We may have to undo it. You can, however, apply formatting such as bold, italics, etc., to individual words at any time as this formatting is usually retained.

Don't use underlining or all caps. These are "typewriter holdovers" and are seldom used in desktop publishing. It's also much more time consuming for us to undo this formatting than it would be to apply it in specific instances where it is needed.

When using tabs, hit the tab button only once. You don't need to bother with setting up tabs in your program, and don't worry about how the page looks on your screen. Your efforts to make the setup look right (especially if you rely on default tab settings) will involve extra work for us. We can easily set the appropriate tabs using QuarkXPress or Adobe Illustrator.

Single space between paragraphs. Double space only between major sections of the document.

Please hit the return key only when you reach the end of a paragraph, even if you're intending to wrap text (for example, for indented bulleted lists). We'll set it up so the text wraps automatically.

In short, keep it simple. Straight text with minimal formatting is easy for us to work with, and providing it on disk or e-mail will save you money.

Questions, concerns or price quotes will be answered promptly. We must ask that you provide your company name, nature of business and web and/or email address on our request form.

Credit cards are accepted at CornerMark. We encourage you to read our business policies before you place an order.

VISA - MasterCard - Discover Card accepted at CornerMark

Next Step - Prepare Documents for Output
Once your files are received, reformatted or converted you can have CornerMark output your documents to film or proof. You can also have us edit content or develop a website.

Questions? Concerns? Let us know. Contact CornerMark today. We communicate via phone (651-458-6893) or fax. You can also reach us through email or submit a request to get your files transferred. We receive files on disks for Mac or IBM PC.

Wow! Read what our clients are saying about us! CornerMark business policies have more information about our service, including rates and disclaimer.

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MasterCard - VISA - Discover - American Express Card accepted at CornerMark

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